Installing your heat pump correctly could save you a lot of money.

If you choose a system that suits your home and get it installed correctly, the resulting energy efficiency will significantly reduce your power bills. By contrast, an improperly installed system that’s not adapted to your property will waste your money and reduce the effectiveness of the heat pump. Over time, the difference in cost and comfort can be significant.

The team at EPS Electrical can provide you with a professional, thorough, and fairly priced installation service. We pride ourselves on never cutting corners with our installations, and we draw on our wealth of experience when choosing the system that’s right for your building.

Why choose a professional? Can’t I do it myself?

While it’s true that some people try to do the job themselves, it’s actually very difficult to pull this off. Heat pumps are elaborate systems, and even a superficially successful job can be undermined by hidden leaks, poor duct connections, or other major issues that’ll cause you problems down the road. Any money saved on installation costs will be offset by money lost on hefty power bills.

Even more importantly, it’s much safer to get the job done by a professional who spends their days working with various heat pumps. We’re familiar with all safety standards and manufacturer recommendations, and run thorough post-installation tests – giving you and your family peace of mind in the years to come.

Finally, many heat pump warranties are only valid if you get your system installed by a brand-approved professional. New Zealand law also requires that the electrical part of heat pump installation is completed by a licensed electrician and given an electrical Certificate of Compliance.

Our process

Our heat pump installation process can be broken down into three main parts:


This is a crucial element of heat pump installation. We carefully check your property to assess any relevant factors. These include: choosing a placement location that complies with council noise regulations; ensuring that the fire resistance and structural integrity of walls is maintained; and placing the outdoor system in an area that allows adequate air flow and maintenance.

Efficiency, safety, noise control, and overall performance are the main factors we consider during inspection.


Our licensed installers are fully trained and equipped to install heat pumps in both residential and commercial properties. We’ll arrange a time that works for you – even if that means coming in during an evening or weekend.


After we install your unit, we’ll conduct thorough testing to ensure that everything complies with New Zealand standards and is in perfect working order. When we’re finished, we’ll clean up any mess we made during the installation process and remove it from your property. Your heat pump will be ready to use whenever you need it!

We’re happy to drive anywhere in the Wellington region to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. So if you need a new heat pump system for your home or business, contact us today.

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